Thursday, April 29, 2010

the pre-baby blues

The baby shower is over.  My first and last trip whilst pregnant is over and done or better yet survived.  Now all that is left is the nesting and the waiting.

I think this will prove itself to be the hardest part.  Really.  The last nine months have seriously flown bye.  Granted major change in my life has begun to be the norm, I am still a Taurus and I  I am however, very excited for the change of baby outside, not inside a little bit of personal space and the like.  Though I'm not looking forward to all of the gross post-baby things either.  You know such as:  contractions, labor, birthing, placenta, goo covered bebe, breast feeding, whatever lochia is, etc.  Then there is the wonder that is sleep-I'm assuming what feels like being very drunk without the presence of alcohol, crying bebe, squirming bebe, pooping bebe, etc.

And I'm sure that there is plenty of beauty in motherhood, but unfortunately I have no close friends that can assure me of this.  Guess I'm on my own.  So for the next 2-6 weeks all I have left are doctor appointments, a huge unruly belly, and my own dark over-analyzing thoughts.  Oh yeah my birthday is next week.  Yay for 25...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nursery in waiting

The nursery is definitely on it's way to being finished.  I've got the majority of necessary things for small people and by the way that is a lot of stuff for something that currently fits inside of me!  This is mostly thanks to Heather & Connor.  Kemp painted the room a few weeks ago...we ended up choosing something very neutral.  It's so neutral it was called "sand."  And my super awesome creative friend is going to come and paint an amazing tree on the wall when school is out.  I'm very excited about what she is going to do.  Here is the room so far....

Cute crib...lots of stuff in it.

Not so great picture of the car seat, stroller, swing and rocker (my mom has had it since I was a baby).  And the walls look nice (thanks to Kemp)!

Awesome bench!  I might try to use it for a bookshelf until Jack is big enough to actually sit in it.  It should go well under the tree.

My mom also helped organize the closet.  It is now baby closet/linen closet and one of the most organized things in my entire house.  I wanted to choose a really cool quote to go on the wall, but I think that I might just buy a canvas and paint one on that.  I recently discovered a good Dr. Seuss one:  "You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction that you choose."  If anyone else has any suggestions I'm definitely open to them.

I only have six weeks and the nursery is still a work in progress, but hopefully I still have time!

Six weeks and counting....

I'm more than halfway through my 34th week of pregnancy and that is crazy.  My belly is huge and it is getting very difficult for me to maneuver myself down my hallway, around stores, out of my bed, etc.  My belly button is also on it's way to being unrecognizable.

This is me at 29 weeks....doesn't seem long ago.  Also I have my awesome Old Navy preggo jeans on.

This is Jack and I currently at 34.5 weeks.  It doesn't look all that different, but I assure you carrying around this child has become a very large endeavor.

I have not been that great with taking pictures.  I don't exactly feel all that attractive and posing for pictures has never been my thing.  I'm usually at my best in pictures when I'm highly intoxicated, of which I can not be for approximately 2.5 more months if everything goes to plan.

I bought my first baby clothing today.  We bought something that Jack might wear home.  Not sure how appropriate it is for such things, but if you only knew how hard it is to purchase cute boy clothing.  In fact at Old Navy there is so little boy clothing in general that the girl section is leaking into the boy section hard core. But we did buy this wonderful bebe hawk outfit today:

The cute outfit on the awesome tiny bench we found in the attic that my mom stained to match the crib and armoire...and it's soooo close that you can hardly tell the difference between the bench and the crib behind it. Marge and my mom need to bond over the awesome wood staining-ness.

Ultimate in hawkness.  I'm sure Missy would be proud.

The baby shower is this weekend and I guess I'm excited.  The gayness of the whole thing is a bit overwhelming, but I'll be glad to see some old friends and get some cute baby stuff...oh yeah and the cakes and cookies will be delicious.