Friday, March 25, 2011

Toddler style- Wedding version

My friend CK is getting married in October...Here's hoping Jack can look a little hippy and a tad dashing, toddler style next to his bridesmaid mom...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Jack's At...March edition

Four days short of ten months!  Wow his first birthday is almost two months away...I'll get working on his Amazon Wishlist...hehe..
Crawling and cruising (walking using furniture or whatever is around).
Playing patty cake.
Singing ba ba along with any song.
Saying da da again (his first words were ma ma, then ba ba, then da da, but lately it's been all ba ba all the time).
Walking with help, sometimes from me, sometimes from various articles of my clothing.
Torturing his fur bro, papi, and fur sis, shady.
Dancing...pretty much bouncing up and down to the beat.
Napping semi-alone sometimes, in the tempurpedic, of course.
Eating, lots and lots, of solid food.  His fav at the moment are quesadillas.
Loving all things electronic...remotes, keyboards, kemp's headphones, the xbox, smart phones.
He's still wearing 2T...and 18 mo. bottoms.  Still a big boy, but chilling a bit on the extreme growing.
Loving swinging/strolling at the park.
Being generally adorable...kid is seriously getting cuter everyday.

Jack walking at Nana's.


I really suck at this.

And once again far too much time has gone by since I blogged last.  It's not exactly my first priority.  Blogging is somewhere between organizing my kitchen cabinets (I NEED to do this, I can't reach half of the things I use on a daily basis) and decorating Jack's room (Seriously, this may happen before he moves into his room...sometime before he's 10).  Yeah, so important, something I wish that I could do more often, and apparently not happening.  Ah loving the stay at home, full time school, holly housewife life...

Anyway I wanna try to do a bi-weekly post of Where Jack's know what he's doing these days.  These will normally contain pictures.  I will do a picture only Where Jack's At sometime this weekend, but I hope they will normally include pics.