Saturday, January 16, 2010


5.5 months pregnant. Jackson is kicking now...where other human beings beside me can acknowledge his existence. I'm also past the halfway mark, so my mind has been on the nursery, the registry, pediatricians, etc. Gotta get in gear. But I have been lusting over some pretty awesome stuff for the nursery....I found this adorable bedding set at

It works pretty awesomely with what I think will be the nursery's color scheme.  I think we are gonna go with a warm, neutral cream color for the walls.  If all goes well a friend of mine is going to paint a tree on the wall that will be chocolate.  And I want green and blue accents.  So this bedding set goes perfectly with that.  I love the animals and the trees on it!  Hopefully baby Jack will get smarter just by sleeping on ABC's and 123's.  And the best thing is it is super affordable.    It is by Circo and they have tons of mix and match little sets like this.  I love it.  So much better than other beddiing sets I have looked at which were between $150-200.  This one is about $50 for the quilt, sheets, and bumper.

I'm having some pretty big issues with picking out a crib though.  I hate making decisions involving furniture, especially super expensive $200 furniture.  The room the nursery is in is kinda small too so there will have to be some creative thought put into how we  are going to all of the baby's stuff in there.

I'm kinda focused on the tree in the room though.  I had a long conversation with a very creative friend of mine.  I picked out a ton of trees that I liked.  This is my favorite:

I showed her this one and some others.  She's such a great artist, I just told her to do whatever she thinks will look good.  She really did like this one though.  I'm really excited about the tree.  We are also going to put some birdies, an owl and maybe a bunny near the bottom.  Ya Lola can watch over Jack.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

The nursery is slowly coming together.  I still have a super long list of things to do before I'm anywhere near ready for the baby to be out in the world.

I do wish that I could currently be a bit more fashionable in all my preggo-ness, but I'm taking what I can get now.  The addition of black and gray leggings is helping.  And my mom got me brown, black, and gray tights for Christmas.  Hopefully all these things will help expand my wardrobe, especially since I'm job hunting again!

Friday, January 1, 2010

And the answer is....

  We've done it.  Everyone wants one and we have one. Goodbye penis envy!  I officially have a penis.  Now it's not technically my penis per se, but I do have one or at least the little person inside of me has one.  So we have a Jackson Wayne Maxwell officially!

On the ultrasound, the one on the right side, you can see his leg, his little baby booty and obviously also his penis (it's the line in the middle of the three lines).  So we are very excited, we told my mom and sister whilst grinning ear to ear.  The whole ultrasound experience was very fun and anxiety provoking, for me at least.  I was very nervous.  But the ultrasound technician, a very fast talking woman, assured me that he was right on schedule.  His measurements were great and he weighs 9 ounces or at least he did on December 22.

Yes I have an adorable child.  I have also decided that I can definitely feel him moving.  Though I have heard it described as feeling like "popcorn" or "butterflies fluttering," yeah not my Jackson.  I feel sharp little kicks...possibly to my internal organs.  I thought they were just random pains, but random pains tend to not be rhythmic little stabs.  So I guess Jack already likes to annoy Mom.  He did wave at us in the ultrasound which was very cute, he's already outgoing.  He still looks a bit like an alien, but he isn't fully baked in the oven yet.

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow or five months.  I've got the crazy dark line down my belly.  I've made a baby list and a budget.  Life and planning are beginning to come together.  I'm very excited about 2010, Jackson and our new family.

I'm seriously thinking about writing a book about pregnancy, but it might end our species.