Thursday, February 4, 2010


Currently I'm sitting on an exercise ball, that may or may not double as a birthing ball in the next three months.  I also had a strange impulse to youtube birthing videos while watching The Office.  I definately didn't not find what I thought I would.  I've been watching lots of home/water births.  And I also saw this: Orgasms during birth.  Orgasms during birth?  These people have to be kidding.  But it's made me want to do a little more research on alternatives to being highly medicated and not experiencing labor.

I have to come up with my "birth plan" in the next few weeks.  For all those that are unfamiliar with more of this baby jargon a birth plan is just making a "tentative" plan on how I'd like Jackson's birth to be, but it's just a plan and you have to be ready for adjustments to the plan depending on the baby, the birth, and the situation.  I was planning on trying to labor for as long as I could before having the epidural and now I am sort of, kind of, considering delaying it unless I can't handle the pain.  But I'm sure as most of you guys know I'm whiny and fairly weak.  I'm not sure how long I could really go, but all this depends on the pain.  The good thing about this little stint is that I think I'm gonna make a trip to the library and research this whole birthing thing.

I'm feeling very squashed.  I think that Jackson has lodged himself into my right side as my ribcage feels like it is expanding on one side and it really hurts.  I also feel him thumping around under my right breast and down on the bottom of my belly.  I was talking to my mom and she said that I was a permanent fixture in that area.  I'm not sure how much I'm looking forward to the next few months.  I guess I should plan on being a lot more squashed.  I just hope that I can breathe.

Monday, February 1, 2010

24 weeks

Well I'll only really be working for a couple more weeks, mostly 9 more days (yes, I'm counting down).  I'm fairly sure that the place I'm working is replacing me (or as they say phasing my position out and getting a more "technically savvy" person) because I'm preggo.  Never knew the world was so prejudiced against the preggo population.  I'm learning new things everyday.  But since I don't exactly like the job and being with out it is definately do-able for Kemp and I, I'm not complaining.

This time off should help me get everything together...  The nursery is coming together for sure.  Mom came down last weekend to "help"/do everything.  We moved all of the stuff out of the guest bedroom.  Mom wiped all the walls down, we washed, folded, organized and put away all the baby clothes Connor donated to Jack.  Jackson should definately be well clothed for at least 0-3 months.  So, please refrain from buying that range.  Go for 6 months+.  With my luck that child may be in 6 months way sooner than expected!  He is Kemp's son.

Most of this on the couch we kept, less a bag and a half.  Even still Jackson probably has about 20 tiny onesies, 20 medium tiny onesies and 20 3-6 month onesies.  Plus tons of little random outfits, hats, bibs and lots of socks.  Quite a bit of clothes for someone that isn't even fully developed yet.  But for someone that is so tiny (around a foot long and 1.5 lb) he has does have a mean kick/elbow.

I've been feeling him move around and kick/elbow like crazy lately.  He tends to be really active when I'm hungry.  I think my stomach growling annoys him a bit.  Unfortunately when my mom was here he refused to move.  Maybe he's saving his "maw maw" time for when he's out.  And yes my mother is thinking about being called "maw maw" which makes her sound like an 80 year-old woman.  I'm working on alternatives.

We also got to have a pregnancy photo was awesome.  Oh that's right...I mostly just look fat, but there were a few that were ok looking.  Thanks to Tay the photographer and mom the shoot "organizer."

Super preggo looking at least.  This is about 24 weeks.

And I've decided that black and white is much more forgiving...and how cute are these tiny shoes?

That's all for now.  Hopefully in the next few days I'll post a couple of crib options, I'm considering about three.  I'm also working really hard on my registry!