Friday, March 5, 2010

pregnancy + the technology age = me stressed

We google everything these days.  In fact the first thing that is said in my house if we don't know the answer to a question is "google it."

But unfortunately the ability to have so much information a laptop away is making me a little crazy.  I'm obviously a first-time mom, but I do have a good bit of experience with babies having been a nanny on and off for about two years.  The only thing about being a nanny is I really didn't have to make any real decisions about childcare. Diapers, cremes, shampoos, clothing...all these things magically appeared.  What I was supposed to feed the children in my care was in the pantry and there was usually detailed instructions either written down or given to me directly by the parent.  Now all of those minute details are my decisions.  And did you know that half of baby soaps and lotions have toxic chemicals in them?  At least according to this study,  But if you keep reading, everything, and I mean absolutely everything is harmful to children.

It is stressful.  Most things leech toxic chemicals.  It's bad to use baby powder.  It's bad to use anything with fragrance.  I'm not sure how anyone in my generation or any of the ones before made it to adulthood.  In fact it is a miracle that we have all lived this long.

I've got a few things figured out.  Breastfeeding is definitely in.  Cloth diapers, for now at least, are out.  I'm using Aveeno baby lotion and soap.  It's mostly natural.  The baby room is being painted with low VOC paint.  I'm trying, I'm sure like most new parents.  You pick and choose what you can do.  It's much like choosing what we can do to protect the environment.

I'll do what you can and hope everything else falls into place.  I'll do my best to make sure baby Jack is as happy and healthy as I can make him.