Thursday, March 24, 2011

I really suck at this.

And once again far too much time has gone by since I blogged last.  It's not exactly my first priority.  Blogging is somewhere between organizing my kitchen cabinets (I NEED to do this, I can't reach half of the things I use on a daily basis) and decorating Jack's room (Seriously, this may happen before he moves into his room...sometime before he's 10).  Yeah, so important, something I wish that I could do more often, and apparently not happening.  Ah loving the stay at home, full time school, holly housewife life...

Anyway I wanna try to do a bi-weekly post of Where Jack's know what he's doing these days.  These will normally contain pictures.  I will do a picture only Where Jack's At sometime this weekend, but I hope they will normally include pics.

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